Get started with the app to create, archive, and share digital business cards

Uizzi the app to create, store and share digital business cards

Developed jointly by the web agency Cesena LINXS, and a group of Modena professionals (Massimo Ballotta – Sales manager, Federico Mezzetti – Insurer, Gianluca Zanna – Bank Manager, Andrea Cocchi – Sales manager area and Guglielmo Guicciardi – Tax Consultant) Uizzi is an effective solution to major marketers to create and expand a business network profile.

Uizzi is a business facilitator and an effective marketing tool with which you can make the most of potential contacts.

Through Uizzi, in fact, not only is it possible to share and store digital business cards, creating a profile commercial network, but also send information, advertising, special offers and promotions to contacts in a direct and simple way.

Uizzi is provided in two versions: the free version, designed for professionals, allows free creation of a maximum of three tickets; business version, designed for companies and SMEs, through different pack business allows companies to manage employees and associates getting a solid corporate image.

Premiered June 23 within the Web Marketing Rimini Festival, Uizzi is the result of a concrete idea, created to meet the needs and demands of the business world.

Uizzi born from the idea of a business man, as a concrete response to the needs and requirements typical of all those professionals who, like us inhabit the world of commerce and business – says Massimo Ballotta CEO of startup -. How many of us have desk hundreds of business cards forgotten, that those are all prospects unexploited potential. Thinking precisely these mountains of tickets and wasted paper we have created Uizzi “.

“Being born as a business facilitator – ends Lorenzo Sforzini Platform Development of App – Uizzi, facilitate and improve B2B relationships. Through the digitization of the business card and the ease with which you can create a network of highly profiled prospect contacts, it becomes easy to create new opportunities commerciali.Lo exchange of tickets is simple and fast and storing contacts in a database digital always available, automatically. “



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