Facebook is testing a new tab with the recommended videos

It seems that  Facebook is willing to steal a part of YouTube users, given the commitment that is lavishing to increase the amount and visibility of videos on its platform. The giant social network is testing a new tab, identified with the “Play” icon that allows access to an endless collection of videos.

It is indeed possible to find content from pages you follow, video shared or appreciated by friends as well as a series of buttons that allow you to select the video based on the proposed content, such as Entertainment, Sports, News and much more.

For the moment the spread of the new feature seems very limited, following the classical patterns  Facebook which is used to test the new products with a limited number of users to gather feedback and gauge their reactions. What do you think of the possible evolution of Facebook as a video platform? It might subtract a large chunk of traffic and users on YouTube or the distance between the two platforms is now unbridgeable? The comments box is at your disposal.



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