LG announces the G6 Plus, which is basically not very different from the G6 not Plus

The LG G6 was unveiled at the MWC. If it has fanned curiosity with its screen edge to edge, it quickly became eclipsed by the other flagships of the moment like the Huawei P10 or the Galaxy S8. Will the G6 Plus version generate new interest? Not so sure…

G6 More RAM and memory

The newly announced G6 Plus finally does not have much more. The excellent 5.74-inch QHD screen, the aging Snapdragon 821 processor, the 13-megapixel dual sensor and the 3300 mAh battery are all to be found.

In the end, only two things change compared to the classic model. The G6 Plus boasts 6 GB of RAM against 4 GB and a memory of 128 GB, which is double the G6. Some improvements certainly welcome, but not enough to jump to the ceiling either.

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The latest small changes, the addition of the blue and gold color, the quad DAC chip dedicated to sound as well as the induction charging, features previously only present on Asian models.

The G6 Plus will arrive during the month of July for a price still unknown.




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