With Satispay we will be able to pay for Esselunga with Android smartphone

It seems to have arrived at an important turning point in the history of  Satispay , the whole Italian startup that Monday can count  Esselunga , the known supermarket chain with 154 stores, including its partners. One idea, one of the three young Cuneo who founded Satispay, which has already collected 136,000 users and agreements with over 16,000 merchants throughout Italy.

Among the partners are Benetton and Grom, distributors Total Erg and many small local businesses, attracted by the simple fee system. Merchants pay 20 cents of euro fixed fee for transactions over € 10, while the lower ones will be charged.

Under the new agreement the customers of Esselunga will, by late summer, pay for groceries with their smartphones, thanks to the application compatible with any smartphone. Once you select the store and the amount to pay for the transaction will be completed in seconds.

Satispay leans to the customer’s checking account that can decide a weekly budget, without any fees that may apply. The next step is to expand abroad, from Germany, while Italy should arrive early payment of taxis, phone cards and consumer credit.

Satispay fact have data that allow him to know if a user is solvent and can thus provide small personal loans. The company’s growth could soon attract the attention of large e-commerce names but Alberto Dalmasso, founder of startup, sleep soundly: ” It’s early. There is still much to do, do not sleep at night for another two years . “



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