Zucchetti’s ZScheduling stops errors due to manual turnaround management

Con ZScheduling di Zucchetti stop agli errori dovuti a una gestione manuale dei turni

The latest European Working Conditions Survey, published at the end of 2016, was conducted in 35 countries through interviews on key issues related to work and workplace.

Research has shown that nearly one in five (23%) workers have atypical working hours, shift work (also on Saturdays and Sundays) and at night, so staff shifts have become a very strategic process ‘Inside of many organizations.

To meet this need, Zucchetti has implemented ZScheduling, a modular, fully scalable and configurable solution to the various work contracts for the management of shifts: manufacturing companies, service companies, GDOs, call centers, healthcare, rest homes and kindergartens, Airports, facility management, logistics and many more.

“It turns out that still many companies rely on manual turnaround management, resulting in mistakes and disadvantages for both those who plan it and for turnstiles. – declares Luca Stella, ZScheduling product manager – To overcome these problems, Zucchetti has achieved a specific solution that provides multiple benefits: from the correct distribution of shifts, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as a suitability for expected tasks, planning of activities Resources, availability, compliance with occupational safety and health standards.

ZScheduling also promotes a greater involvement of all users involved in the planning process, dramatically reducing the time to handle posting and changing shifts, with a greater sharing of information between users responsible for shuffle organizing and employees themselves. “

“The solution allows you to analyze and measure processes – adds Paolo Susani, Zucchetti Sales Manager – with the goal of continuous improvement over dynamic factors that may vary over time such as company requirements, resource availability, contractual adjustments .

In addition, ZScheduling is natively integrated with other solutions of the Zucchetti HR Infinity Global Solution suite to fully manage all aspects of administration, management, organization and security at work.

Choosing Zucchetti means, therefore, to have all the software applications needed to digitize all processes for a modern and efficient human resource management.
People are, in fact, the most valuable asset of any company and need to have the best tools to express their full potential.




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