Arma 3: F2P-Auskopplung Argo with Malden-Map published

Arma 3: F2P-Auskopplung Argo with Malden-Map published

Bohemia Interactive celebrates the 16th anniversary of the tactical shooter series Arma. For the anniversary, there is the Map Malden as a free extension for Arma 3. In addition, a separate game based on the new map arisen: Argo is the free-to-play title, the bouts in the 5 vs 5 or 10 man Co-op mode.

The new map is an old acquaintance

The map Malden, published as a free DLC for Arma 3, is a reminder of the birth of the Arma family. Yesterday 16 years ago was released with Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis the original father of the series, which was reissued 2011 under the title Arma: Cold War Assault. One of the three island regions of the game is also Malden – the virtual island has not much in common with the real island in the Central Pacific.

The new version of the map is called Malden in 2035 and extends according to the developers over 62 km². With regard to the stand-alone Argo, the focus was on close combat with infantry. The 15 cities and villages, as well as bunkers, radio stations and the airfield are to be offered. There is also a desert region, rock formations and vineyards.

Arma goes free-to-play

Hated or Loved – Free-to-play games are a trend that Bohemia does not close. Argo is a decoupling from Arma 3 based on the new Map Malden. Battleships are offered in three 5-vs-5 modes (Clash, Link, and Raid), as well as a 10-player co-op mode. In competition, players can collect experience points to unlock new weapons and equipment. Whether this is a sign for future microtransactions remains to be seen.

Firstly, the Argo Supporter’s Pack is supposed to generate revenue: the optional download package brings some ” special in-game rewards ” for 9.99 euros , which according to Bohemia do not influence the gameplay. These include animations for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) screen at the end of a match, unique pieces of clothing, the use of vehicles in the scenario editor, access to supporter servers, and the naming of the rankings.

Birthday party with discount

Already before the start of the Steam Summer Sales, Arma 3 in the Steam-Shop was as favorable as never before. The price reduction of 66 percent continues during the summer sales campaign. Until June 5th, the main game costs only 11.89 euros instead of the standard price of 34.99 euros. Also the more extensive Apex edition and paid DLCs are reduced in price.



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