InfoCert wins European Frontex digital transformation contest

InfoCert won the European competition for the digital transformation of Frontex

“The ambitious goals of our digitization project are to improve, streamline and optimize procedures and internal document workflows, strengthening their governance and simplify management – said Pawel Sadownik, Project Manager of Frontex – The electronics and time stamp signature solutions fundamental in order to achieve these improvements. Being able to take advantage of the technical expertise and regulations, as well as innovative solutions InfoCert, it will greatly facilitate this important change in our processes. ”

Based on these reasons, InfoCert , company of the Group Tecnoinvestimenti SpA and leading European Certification Authority, today announced it has won the public tender launched by Frontex for the digital transformation of its document management and workflow.

Frontex is the European Agency for border and coastal: the project – based on the implementation of the Electronic Signature solutions and the provision of Digital Trust services (signature certificates and time stamps compliant with eIDAS) – will last three years, which may be extended.

With the support of InfoCert, Frontex will digitize their internal working processes, eliminating the use of paper, reducing operational risk and increasing the organizational efficiency and governance. With solutions such GoSign InfoCert you can handle completely digitally and in collaborative mode of sign processes, organizing and sharing documents in total safety both simple and complex practices from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

The award of the tender Frontex is the most recent success of a strategy of international expansion. InfoCert, within a few months, has already acquired prestigious references in public and private, in countries such as the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria, Romania and Poland. It intends to continue its growth.

“In 2016, our Temporal Marking Service eIDAS certificate was selected by the European Commission and now grants the full legal validity of the official publications of the European Union electronic format – says Carmine Auletta, Chief Innovation Officer of InfoCert – Today we are happy to can start a new collaboration with important and prestigious institution such as Frontex: this three-year project is a confirmation of the attractiveness of our solutions and the validity of our international strategy and stimulates us to achieve ever more ambitious growth targets. “



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