Even thinner smartphones with the Caltech lens without camera

If the presence of lenses to make a camera is for you a certainty, do not think so those of the California Institute of Technology, one of the most famous universities (The Big Bang Theory tells you something? NdR) and world renowned, ready to propose A new camera that says goodbye to the lenses.

A group of researchers from Caltech has found a way to replace lens functions in a camera by using math functions in an “optical phased array” chip; The operation is based on a time delay (up to a quadrilateral of second) applied to the light that is received on the chip, thus achieving the possibility of focus without having to move away or approach physical lenses.

The camera would be able to switch from a fish-eye to telephoto lens almost instantaneously, changing the way the light is being received.

Of course, we are at the beginning of this technology, currently able to count on a 8 × 8 grid with 64 sensors, and can deliver far-reaching results to those we’re used to with a smartphone. The future could, however, afford even more subtle smartphones even through searches like these.



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