Sony FES Watch U: a new model of E Ink watch more expensive and more refined

Sony’s E Ink watches are only available in Japan and will accommodate a new model somewhat revisited since now with a metal bezel for a more refined look.

Farewell button cells, hello the batteries

Fes Watch U, this 75g watch will always have a screen and an E Ink bracelet to change patterns at the push of a button or by connecting to the iOS and Android FES Closet application to download again. Sony is also committed to offering new designs every month.

Another novelty is that it will no longer be necessary to replace the battery every two years, since the FES Watch U will now be rechargeable wirelessly thanks to its base and with a range of about three weeks.

Already available for sale in Japan, you will have to go through the participatory payment platform First Flight of Sony to acquire it or go to one of the fashion shops of Tokyo. Includes 485 euros for the “Premium Black” model and 372 euros for the classic version with a plain steel finish and a black or white E-Ink strap.



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