ECHO project: TeamViewer connects Earth to space to monitor astronauts’ health

TeamViewer  makes known the collaboration with the ‘ French National Space Agency (CNES, CNES) for the ECHO project which was conceived with the purpose of monitoring of space travel effects on the health of astronauts working aboard the station Space International (ISS) and to improve knowledge on the human body, physics and biology.

The ECHO project is an integral part of the space mission of six months must have a research laboratory in the absence of gravity on the ISS and conduct scientific experiments for hundreds of researchers on Earth. The project is based on the most advanced ultrasound and ultrasound system on the market, together with the TeamViewer features that allow you to connect specialists who are on the earth with people in space.

The remote ultrasound is physically managed by astronaut aboard the space station, but thanks to TeamViewer is checked by an experienced on Earth. The astronaut needs only a fundamental knowledge of the human anatomy to put the ultrasound probe on the area of ​​the body to be investigated. The analyzes are then performed by ultrasound specialists on Earth; the quality of transmitted images is excellent and the probe response is outstanding, enabling rapid and accurate medical diagnosis.

Following a study that showed a significant change in blood vessels after six months in micro gravity experiments are designed to test how space travel might affect the human condition, ensuring the astronauts safe return and healthy from the mission.

In the choice of the technical equipment, the scientists responsible for the ECHO project had to take into account the constraints dictated by the particular situation or the need to preserve the confidentiality of data, to ensure optimal conditions for the ultrasound on the ISS, to respect the rules of safety of the station and the technical constraints linked to the IP network protocol, such as for example ‘shadow areas’.

The CNES needed a way to work remotely and was able to secure the connection between the specialist and the patient. TeamViewer is able to perfectly meet these needs by providing sound, images, video and file transfer. TeamViewer has worked with CNES to design a private connection, easy to use and allows for space and terrestrial researchers to interact and study the impact of space travel on humans.



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