Niantic continues to pursue who fills Pokémon GO

After an initial period of relative tranquility, when some Pokémon GO players used any means available to capture Pokémon in an orthodox manner, Niantic began using a less permissive policy.

From the applications that showed where to find the best Pokémon to those of GPS-spoofing to simulate a different position from their own, there have been many, too many, according to the developer who, at the recent update, announces new drastic measures.

With a post posted on TheSilphRoad’s subreddit, Niantic announced a new measure that will “permanently mark” Pokémon obtained in a non-orthodox way. Additionally, the Pokémon may have strange behaviors, even though the developer has not clarified what.

If you happen to encounter a “branded” Pokémon in some combat you will now know what its faults are. A possible attack could be resolved in your favor if we have correctly interpreted Niantic’s words.

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