Imagination Technologies: sales of the company planned for Apple’s departure

Imagination Technologies: sales of the company planned for Apple's departure

Following the departure of Apple as the largest customer, the GPU specialist Imagination Technologies is offering for sale. Until now, only the sale of the MIPS and Ensigma divisions was planned. However, after several parties have expressed interest in the takeover over the past few weeks, the entire group is available for sale.

It is an ups and downs for Imagination Technologies: After a year ago in the rumored kitchen, Apple would take over the company, now everything has changed completely. In April, Imagination Technologies announced that Apple will no longer rely on GPU solutions from the end of 2018 / early 2019. As the largest customer and customer of Custom solutions, the announcement of the departure of Apple caused a stock crash of 63 percent.

ImgTec is extremely skeptical about Apple

The fact that Apple is working on a completely independent independent graphics design to control its products and to reduce dependency, Imagination Technologies sees little realistic. In April, ” Imagination believes that the complete new development of a brand new GPU architecture without the infringement of copyright is an extreme challenge. “In the current announcement of the sale, Imagination Technologies also mentions that the dispute with Apple continues.

The sale of the MIPS and Ensigma divisions, announced in May, will be continued by Imagination Technologies, regardless of the planned sale of the entire group. The sales progress well, there have been several offers for both divisions, explains Imagination Technologies. Still, no details are public.



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