Amazon Prime Reading: New Prime service with numerous content

Amazon Prime Reading – Amazon again expanded the scope of our own Prime membership and provides its customers with Prime Reading a new service that provides a variety of free books and magazines.

Amazon Prime Reading

The Prime Membership of the online retailer Amazon no longer has long been the only free premium shipping, but also includes numerous other offers. This includes not only the music service Amazon Prime Music, but also the video store Amazon Prime video. Amazon Prime Reading a new service is now available, offering numerous books and magazines that can be read at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Reading requires a Prime membership and can be used with the Kindle reading app not only about the house and Kindle Fire devices, but also on other Android and iOS devices. The selection of books and magazines is constantly changing, and includes, among other popular books and comics, as well as current issues known newspapers and magazines.

Amazon Prime Reading with attractive content

These include “Happiness Project” by Alexandra Reinwarth, “Little Man What Now?” By Hans Fallada, “Soul Blind” by Catherine Shepherd, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by JK Rowling and comics such as “Star Wars” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”. In addition, current issues of magazines Stern, Der Spiegel, radio clock, Cooking, InStyle, Happinez, Glamor, is the man who Fit For Fun and GQ.

“With Prime Reading Amazon Prime has become even better. Members can now make unlimited free access to magazines, comics and hundreds of books, including bestsellers such as “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” said Alessio Santarelli, Kindle Content Director EU on Amazon. “Prime members will love the selection of books. It ranges from psychological thrillers about business titles and current guide to best-selling novels and can be immediately read on all devices. “



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