Consumer Center Saxony advises on a regular speed test

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Consumer center advises on speed test – The Verbraucherzentrale Sachsen advises mobile and fixed-line customers to regularly check their surfing speed and document deviations. If these are too strong and persist, the regulations in force since 1 June 2017 provide opportunities to tackle them.

Transparency Regulation for tariffs

Since 1 June 2017 providers have to provide more detailed information about their tariffs and their content within the scope of the Transparency Regulation. A special tariff information sheet not only provides information on the price and the conditions, but also specifies the term and the notice periods. In addition, you must be informed of the surfing speed in the tariff as well as the data rate that users can expect.

The Consumer Center of Saxony, however, feels the definition of the minimum, the normally available and the maximum transmission rate inaccurately formulated. “With this extremely flexible formulation, the customer can continue to pin its provider very hard on a violation of the contract if the speed deviates strongly at certain times,” says Katja Henschler from the Consumer Center Saxony.

Consumer center advises on the speed test

The consumer protectionists are especially pissed at the fact that the new regulation requires speed, but there is no possibility of sanctioning the customer in order to avoid deviations. “We regularly receive numerous complaints, particularly from fixed network customers, whose surfing speed is far from the contracted contractual guarantee of the provider. These consumers leave the legislators back in the rain, even though the predicament of the affected parties has repeatedly been made clear by the consumer centers, “says Katja Henschler.

Nevertheless, the Consumer Center of Saxony advises regularly to check the speed of the mobile and fixed network connection and document deviations. On the one hand, the providers offer their own measuring tools for this purpose, and on the other hand they are available via the Federal Network Agency. If the measured data deviate significantly from the promised value, the supplier should be asked to set a deadline for rectification. “Regardless of the regulations of the new regulation, customers have legal possibilities to defend themselves at least frequently and at a greatly reduced speed”, advises the consumer center.



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