Finally Office opens to dictation

Finally Office opens to the dictation

Who so far he needed to take notes by voice in the Windows environment must turn to third-party software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance. The fact is that to use such programs often had to support not insignificant costs of hardware able to process dictation. With Dictate everything becomes easier. More than a software itself, it is an add-on that Microsoft has made available for a large part of its ecosystem productivity, embedded within Office. Dictate is free to download for both 32-bit systems and 64 but only in the Windows version (no MacOS or Linux at the time) and with the ability to transcribe words in English and 20 other languages. Despite these structural limitations, it is still a first step towards greater integration of voice commands with the world of Office, that professional users will appreciate.

Garage ideas

The app comes directly from that laboratory of ideas that is the Microsoft Garage, a repository of a vast amount of experimental projects that often see the light both in the mobile and desktop. One example is the Word Flow keyboard, the news aggregator News and Pro Fetch !, a software for facial recognition, even used to hunt belongs to that breed a dog. As mentioned, dicate supports over 20 languages ​​and is also equipped with a real-time translator that runs about 60 different languages. Only in English, however, specific commands are available, such as “delete” and “new line”, to get advanced features not even touch the keyboard. The add-on is compatible with Word, PowerPoint and Outlook although in the future it could be extended to other programs.




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