Satellite for 5G is the new initiative launched by ESA for the next generation Internet

The Air and Space Show in Paris was the theater of the Agreement signed between the ‘ ESA (European Space Agency) and sixteen other European space companies to launch the new initiative  Satellite for 5G . The aim is to launch a new series of satellites to be used to perform some tests and show potential partners the benefits of 5G networks satellite than terrestrial ones.

The advantage of satellite connectivity is no doubt, since it can easily reach places in the mountains or islands, which could not be achieved with traditional terrestrial antennas. More details on the agreement and the tests to be conducted should be available next week, at the conference  Space and Satcom for 5G scheduled on 27 and 28 June.

Meanwhile Magali Vasserie, director of telecommunications for the European Space Agency, said:

The 5G networks provide a great opportunity to the space industry, allowing satellites to space and to become an integral part of the next generation of services and network infrastructure. The joint declaration shows that the parties are ready to join forces to achieve this ambitious goal. ESA will define the support structure and will strengthen and coordinate contacts with the institutions, in particular with the European Commission.

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