OnePlus 5: Apparently misleading benchmark results released

OnePlus 5 ManufacturerOnePlus 5 wrong benchmark results – The newly presented OnePlus 5 is the first smartphone, which is available with rich 8 gigabytes of memory in Germany. For a quick performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor delivers. According to the website XDA-Developers test devices should, however, have delivered a benchmark by a special operation mode incorrect results.

OnePlus 5: cheating OnePlus at benchmarks?

The startup company OnePlus had introduced a few days ago its new flagship OnePlus fifth The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and the version with 8 gigabytes of memory, a fast performance is expected.

Current benchmarks are designed to show what current top models really afford. However, it seems this is not always reach out with the right things. As to a report from XDA-Developers indicate OnePlus is said to have cheated on a test with the OnePlus fifth Allegedly testers were equipped with devices that aim only to an absolute maximize performance results.

Benchmark scores could be manipulated

As XDA-Developers reported the benchmark result of OnePlus 5 is to be misleading. The article states, inter alia (Google Translate): “… .because it is ultimately an attempt to deceive not only for customers, but spoils the work or experts and journalists with misleading data.” Thus was probably cheated in various benchmarks. According to the report, the increase mechanisms were not even concealed. Whether OnePlus will stand by those benchmarks with the OnePlus 5 of the competition and seeks a special schtick, of course, can only be assumed here. In a statement on the part of OnePlus over XDA-Developers states in part: “We do not overclock the device, but rather show the performance potential of the OnePlus 5.”

What is interesting, however, that has already been cheated earlier in benchmarks. Earlier this year also XDA-Developers and Primate Labs had noticed a distinctive behavior of SoCs at OnePlus 3T. Apparently the CPU and GPU clock is set differently than in normal operation. Accordingly, should be intentionally raised the CPU Takrate at a Geekbench.




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