Sega Forever: Klassiker-Reihe für iOS und Android startet morgen

My dear man: Retro gaming is really a thing, right? Who would have thought this a few years ago, that still in 2017 still people on pixelated Games in the eighties-years robe topple? Last year saw the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System the light of the world and shortly afterwards came also Megadrive fans at their expense.

With Super Mario Run, Nintendo has also decided to conquer smartphones, and Sega also wants to ensure that game fans get the old heroes like Sonic on their mobile devices. To this end, the Japanese start with Sega Forever a new series with ancient games from Sega.

Starting tomorrow, for both Android and iOS, five games will be available as part of this series, which were originally released for the Sega Mega Drive. These five titles are:

   Sonic The Hedgehog
Altered Beast
Phantasy Star II
Kid Chameleon
Comix Zone

It is actually the old Dinger and Sega has not synonymous optimized, reworked or even completely in a new garment, but delivers exactly what was then time of the state. So that the gaming but still a little more luxurious comes therefore than at the time, there are a few features that Sega provides free house:

So there is the possibility to play all the titles offline, your game progress is stored in the cloud so that nothing is lost, and you can also enter your score in a high-score board and thus compare your performance with that of your friends. More exciting still is that there is full support for Bluetooth controllers. Thanks to Apple TV or Google Chromeecast, you can also enjoy Sonic and Co on the big screen.

If it is not enough to think about a download, the games are all free, and Sega announces that Sega Forever will be expanded by more games over the next few years. This is not only true for Mega Drive titles, so you can also look forward to games that were originally released for the Master System or Game Gear, but later Sega Saturn and Dreamcast games will follow. Every two weeks, Sega continues to play games, they say.

If you decide for the free games, then you must endure advertising. You can prevent this by accessing the paid alternative – for this Sega would like to see a game of 2.29 euros per game. If you are already on the Sega Forever page, you’ll find all the links for the Play Store as well as for Apple’s App Store, but these links actually only start from tomorrow. So you have to wait a little bit: From tomorrow there will be the first games – free of charge and by controller as well as offline can be zockbar. Player heart, what more do you want?




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