Sparhandy: o2 Free 15 + iPhone SE 128 GB for 34.99 euros

Sparhandyo2 Free 15 iPhone SE – Sparhandy combines the o2 Free 15 action plan with the Apple iPhone SE 128 GB. The bundle of tariff O2 and Apple smartphone is available for 34.99 euros per month. The iPhone will cost 4.95 euros unique.

o2 Free 15 iPhone SE

In the online store of Sparhandy o2 Free 15 can be purchased with the Apple iPhone SE at a promotional price. The promotional rate is on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the birth of o2 are available and can be booked for several weeks. It costs in the Simonly version 29.99 euros per month, along with the Apple iPhone SE 34.99 euros are due monthly.

The price one voice and SMS Flat to all German networks and a mobile data flat with 15GB included volume. Surf the maximum speed is 225 Mbit / s and is throttled to 1 Mbit / sec after reaching the volume limit. In addition, an EU Roaming Flat is included.

o2 Free 15 promotional rate

The Apple iPhone SE 128 GB in monthly package price of 34.99 euros including one-time and costs 4,95 Euro. A one-time connection fee does not exist. The minimum term of the bundle is 24 months, the notice three months maturity.

Under o2 Free 15 including Apple iPhone SE is available with 128 GB. In addition to the Apple smartphone and other devices can be selected.



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