Modern Warfare Remastered: CoD classic still this week individually in the trade

The remastered version of Modern Warfare, which has only been available as a bundle with expensive special editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, will be available in stores this week. A surprise is not.

Even if this unpopular coupling was announced, it was expected that Activision would also offer the new edition individually, as soon as its effect on the sale of Infinite Warfare exhausted – the publisher would not let the extra revenue be missed, according to the assumption.

This is now the case: Charlie Intel has released pictures of the packaging of the retail version, which is to be offered for around 40 US dollar. According to information from GameStar, the game here on June 23 for just under 40 euros on the shelves. There is no official announcement yet.

In the favor of the fans the ego shooter currently does not do well, the user reviews on Steam are “largely negative”. It is not the quality of the title, but the aggressive monetarization. Fans are not only concerned about the need to buy Infinite Warfare, but also about subsequently inserted microtransactions with potential effects on the gameplay as well as the distribution of additional multiplayer maps as a 15 Euro expensive DLC. The cards thus offered were offered free of charge for the original on a PC.




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