Handyflash: o2 Free M with 6 GB and Samsung Galaxy S8 for 39.99 Euro

o2 Free M Galaxy S8 – Mobile Flash provides for a short time the o2 Free M tariff with a data volume of 6 GB and maximum LTE speeds of 225 Mbit / s for 39.99 euros. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already unique for one euro in the price.

o2 Free M Galaxy S8

In the online shop of mobile Flash o2 Free M fare can be booked for a short time, including top smartphone. The o2 Free M costs EUR 39.99 per month and includes a voice and SMS Flat to all German mobile and fixed networks. The mobile data flat provides a monthly data volume of 6 GB LTE with maximum data rate of 225 Mbit / s. After reaching the volume limit throttling accesses 1 Mbit / s. The EU Roaming is also included.

Action Because the tariff with the Samsung Galaxy can be booked S8. The smartphone is available for unique one euros and has no further monthly fees to. You can select the colors black, gray and silver. The minimum contract period is 24 months, the notice three months maturity. The one-time connection fee, which is regularly 29,99 Euro, unnecessary.

o2 Free M mit 6 GB

Alternatively, the offer can be booked online store of YOUR PHONE. Here is the Samsung Galaxy S8 for once 0 € included.

Under www.handyflash.de and www.deinhandy.de the offer is now available and can be booked for a short time.




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