Bundesnetzagentur imposes fine on illegal advertising

Bundesnetzagentur imposed fine – The Federal Network Agency has been acting against two companies which have harassed consumers with illicit telephone advertising. The call centers had not adhered to the legal requirements and had to pay a fine.

Bundesnetzagentur verhängt Bußgeld

In the present case, the call center RegioCom Halle GmbH contacted consumers in the name of E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH and offered them a change of the electricity provider. At the Federal Network Agency, numerous complaints were received, since the advertised were not granted an advertising permit, but were nevertheless contacted by telephone.

The verification showed that the address data of the addressees originated from address traders who had received them in the course of various profit games. “According to investigations by the Federal Network Agency, the affected consumers have neither visited these internet sites nor have given their consent in the context of a competition,” states. In addition, advertising authorizations were invalid because they were too general and did not indicate which companies wanted to advertise which products or services.


100,000 euros fine for unauthorized advertising requests

Neither E.ON nor those of RegioCom Halle GmbH had checked whether the existing advertising permits were actually granted or valid. The Federal Network Agency ordered a fine of € 100,000 for this infringement of the duty of due diligence. In 2017, the supervisory authority has already imposed fines totaling 465,000 euros due to unauthorized telephone advertising.

“Anyone who receives promotional calls should check whether he has agreed to it. Advertisements without prior consent from the consumer are prohibited “, explains Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency. “We penalize unauthorized telephone advertising and consistently address companies that use unsolicited data.”

The fine is not yet legally binding. “The District Court of Bonn decides on a possible appeal,” it says.




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