The reason for the Apple iPhone? Steve Jobs’ hate a Microsoft employee

Scott Forstall was for a long time like the Mr. iOS at Apple and a correspondingly important leadership in the company from Cupertino. The farewell 2012 of the man, which was already acted as the “next Steve Jobs”, came quite surprisingly. We wrote at the time that he was made at the Apple Farmers’ Farm.

Forrest is, of course, a welcome interview partner, especially since he is very concerned about this very rarely. Now, however, he has chattered from the sewing box at an event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California and much about the old Apple times.

In a very entertaining conversation, Forstall, who once played a key role in Apple’s software fate, is unaware that the Apple iPhone in this form might never have existed if Steve Jobs was not so terribly excited about Microsoft’s leadership would have.

We’d been working on a tablet project, which has a really odd beginning. It began because Steve hated this guy at Microsoft. Scott Forstall, Ex-Apple

Steve Jobs, the then CEO and the Apple hanger plate, was informed by this man several times about the fact that Microsoft was on a revolutionary device and he was always enthusiastic about this tablet and the operation by stylus.

Jobs was now really not known as a friend of input pencils – instead he put more on the input by finger – and at some point it must seem to have apparently broken the collar:

This dinner was like the tenth time he talked to me about it, and I was so sick of it that I came home and said, „F**k this, let’s show him what a tablet can really be.“ Steve Jobs

Because he hated these Microsoft people and his tablet fanatics, Job was suddenly so full of zeal to produce his own tablet. All this happened long before the very first iPhone was introduced and yes: Apple first planned its iPad, then only the smartphone.

The bright heads had long since been breeding over this tablet, as Steve Jobs excited to reduce the internally demonstrated tablet software so that it can be displayed on a much smaller display in smartphone size. The jobs were so good that he immediately put the tablet plans on ice and focused only on the smartphone.

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The rest has long been history: The iPhone became the best-selling smartphone on this planet and who knows: Apple – today’s richest company in the world – would perhaps no longer exist if Steve Jobs after the talks with the Microsoft employees did not out hate the plan To show them in Redmond how to build a “real” tablet.

Pretty slanting story, although of course this does not change the fact that Apple has indeed revolutionized the smartphone, before the iPad finished and the tablet market three years after the iPhone release repeated the same piece again. I could imagine that this person from the house of Microsoft could bite into the butt for that he at that time so persistently reported on the Microsoft plans.

Forstall, whose departure is still somewhat mysterious today, tells it all very entertaining and apart from that I would like to put this video to your heart – much fun with it:



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