Vivo would be the first manufacturer to integrate a fingerprint sensor into its screen, styling Samsung and Apple at the post

One of the next developments promised on smartphones is the fingerprint sensor directly integrated into the screen. Today, rumors indicate that it was Vivo who would have managed to achieve this technical feat first.

Touching is won

It is a video published on Weibo, removed since, which shows a smartphone unlock with a simple press on the screen. There is no doubt about the icon on the terminal: the unlocking was done via fingerprints.

The smartphone presented in the video seems to be the X9 Plus, a smartphone marketed in China last year. Thus, Vivo would be the first manufacturer in the world to have this technology, thus styling Samsung at the post. The manufacturer has failed to place this sensor in its S8 and did not look better for its future Note 8.

The ETNews website has reported many times that Chinese manufacturers are working hard to offer this technology first on their respective smartphones. If Huawei was named as the favorite, especially with the P11, it would seem that Vivo crossed the finish line first.

Note that Apple would also be about to use this technology in its future iPhone, but would also encounter technical problems.



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