Spectacles 2: Snapchat’s next glasses will allow you to add live filters

The spectacles, spectacles allowing to use the social network Snapchat on the end of his nose, struggle to convince. But the firm would already be working on a second model.

Spectacles 2: Snapchat's next glasses will allow you to add live filters

Expected only a few days ago in Europe, the Spectacles’ mission is to make them forget their weak sales on the American continent. These glasses offer to make Snap and publish it on his account. The cameras film at 115 °, which offers the possibility to produce circular videos. But at 150 euros, it seems that they have difficulty convincing the biggest part of the potential customers.

Add features

This does not seem to discourage the firm, which would already be working on a second model. The site TechCrunch explains besides that this new mount could integrate augmented reality. But for what use?

It’s quite simple, the social network proposes to use filters for each photo and the users are very fond of it. This new pair of Shows would allow them to be applied directly to our vision before taking a shot or a video. It would also be possible to record in HD and enjoy more autonomy. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to broaden the target audience.



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