cortana takes the place of google on android assistant

Cortana prende il posto di Google Assistant su Android

the strategy of microsoft is clear for a long time: improve its mobile app for the competing systems before issuing a series of new devices hardware windows 10. if it will be interesting to understand the strategy of nadella to take back the reins of a market, that of the smartphone, which sees the slice of redmond fall more, and we cannot deny that the applications of the team for studios and android are already the best combination of design and functionality, to be productive anywhere and at any time. the wager of the american company, like many others, look at the machine learning and the increasingly close relationship between bot and end-users.
cortana instead of google
the zenith of the virtual assistance is cortana, who today can integrate all of the android platform. available as a beta version in the play store app, the last version allows you to replace completely google assistant on the phone, to take control of applications and tasks manageable and vocal in the text. to replace the default android just install the counterparty of microsoft and give you all the necessary clearances. at that point, will be able to read and write text, searching for something on the internet and to respond to specific questions, such as the classic about the weather or future games of its own team in the heart. as i said, the software operates exclusively in english, unlike on mobile devices with windows 10 (the lumia), where cortana is suitable for nativamente to the language of the country of use, italy. however, the beta version is a good way to test the work of redmond outside his scope, welcoming once again the quality of the application. on santos integration is not (and will not be for the time being), because of the logica chiusa che cupertino applies to certain elements of the ecosystem.



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