Spusu charges in Austria for phone calls abroad

Spusu creates fees – The Austrian-based provider spusu goes a step further in the abolition of the roaming charges and also sets the charges for calls abroad. Spusu had tried to gain a foothold in Germany in 2016, but it had been mixed with Telefónica.

Spusu charges

Since 15 June 2017 no roaming charges have been incurred for calls within the EU. Paradoxically, mobile subscribers in some cases still have to dig deeply into their pockets when they make calls from their home country to other European countries. While the EU regulates the costs of mobile phone use abroad, the guidelines do not apply to calls abroad.

The Austrian-based provider spusu perceives the current EU regulation as a little thought-out and creates the fees for the communication from the home country, in this case Austria, to the European countries.

International telephone at spusu free of charge

“Within the EU, mobile phone subscribers can now make calls without additional costs. However, if you phone from your own home country to another EU country more than five times higher costs. It can not be that as an Austrian mobile customer from Italy to Germany without extra costs telephone can, from Austria to Germany but with partly extraneous prices is confronted! This is not our idea of ​​a simple, humane and fair mobile service provider, “explains spusu CEO Franz Pichler.

Spusu customers can now  call from Italy to Germany, but also from Austria to Germany or Spain. “[…] our customers can consume all freemasons in the entire EU area without additional costs – without restrictions and without hidden costs , We are convinced that a unified Europe must also be possible in the mobile sector, “said Franz Pichler.

Spusu looked for way to Germany

Spusu tries his few years, also in the German market to grasp and had selected as a partner Telefónica. The Munich network operator denied access to the network to the conditions stipulated by spusu. At the beginning of the year the Austrians finally sued the EU.



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