Apple Music now gives the opportunity to subscribe to an annual subscription of 99 euros

Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming application that puts subscribers over 40 million music tracks, has been introducing a new subscription plan since renewing its design a few months ago.

This is the possibility of an annual subscription of 99 euros: considering that the current plan costs 9.99 euros a month, buying a one-time solution for 12 months saves you 1.74 euros per month (20 euro all ‘Year): definitely a good news for service users.

The promotion is added to the discounted subscriptions offered to students and families, and to activate it you need to be already users of the service: at the moment, in fact, we do not see it on the Apple Music web pages, but if you are already subscribers you should find it inside ‘Application by digging between the menus.


Once you enter the app, go to the “For you” menu, then select the “Account” item in the upper right corner and then “View Apple ID“. Here you will find the “Subscriptions” section, where you can reach “Apple Music Membership“; From here you can finally select (if available) the new subscription option.

Before this time it was possible to buy a Gift Card entitling to 12 months subscription at 99 euros, but only now can you choose this option directly within the service. We hope Apple also gives this opportunity to users who decide to register for the first time – this is definitely an interesting solution.


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