Galaxy Note 8: No fingerprint sensor under the display due to burn-in effect

Galaxy Note 8 picture news 1 kr

Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint sensor – According to reports, Samsung had planned for the Galaxy S8 a fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the display. However, it has not been possible for the top model from time deficit. It was therefore assumed that the Galaxy Note 8 is supplied with this feature. Due to technical problems, however, the sensor is also placed on the backside of the Phablet.

Galaxy Note 8: Fingerprint sensor on back

On Twitter the blog Poyoco Tech had published a picture of the alleged Galaxy Note 8. Since no recess for a fingerprint sensor can be seen on the back side, a fingerprint sensor was assumed on the front under the display.

Although there are already prototypes from the Galaxy Note 8 with functioning integrated fingerprint sensor integrated, but an undesirable side-effect suggests that Samsung will leave this feature.

No uniform illumination from the display

Samsung had already co-developed Synaptics on technology to integrate the fingerprint sensor under the display. As the Korean news magazine News 1 reports, the sensor is not installed under the display due to technical limitations.

The Leaker “Ice Universe” wants to know about Sina Weibo, which is why the sensor also lands on the Galaxy Note 8 back on the back. Accordingly, the display should not have been uniformly smoothed. Around the fingerprint sensor, the screen lights up significantly brighter, resulting in a burn-in effect. As the website AndroidHeadlines reports, there have already been copies without this problem, but new problems occurred. In addition, it is difficult with this technique to produce the Phablet in sufficient quantity and to realize a performance in September on time. Probably the Galaxy S9 will show this technology next year.

A release of the Galaxy Note 8 seems to be planned earlier than expected by Korean insiders. According to GizmoChina Samsung wants to present the Phablet already at the end of August on a special event. Samsung wants to get a lead, because in September, the Apple iPhone 8 is expected.



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