International mobile tariffs, find out what changes after roaming free in Europe

the abolition of roaming charges in europe, become effective from june 15, seems to have also had an impact on the costs that the italians should support when they are outside europe or to carry out overseas phone calls. recall that, in fact, the free roaming allows to make calls or send messages to italy, even if we are abroad, but does not include the calls made to other countries. has carried out a research to find out how they have changed the cost after the abolition of costs in comparison with that of last year. it is shown that the costs have fallen dramatically, both in europe and in the united states, and in the rest of the world.

the charges for call and send sms in europe fell 49%, while those to call usa drops a weaker falling by an average of 17 euros to around 15 euros. it is more convenient to shipping in the usa, with tariffs fell from 43 to 24 euros, while in the rest of the world, discounts are more important: eur 25 for calls and 43 euros for the internet with 54 and 72 euros last year.
it seems, therefore, that the abolition of roaming charges in europe did not lead to negative repercussions on fares for travel abroad.
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