Two French out of five say they can not live without applications

A10 Networks, a security services applications company revealed in a new international study that half of respondents believe that mobile applications are as important as food, drink and breathe. Moreover, more than two in five (41%) of French believe that mobile applications are “as important” or “almost as important” as breathing, eating or drinking. Meanwhile, more than three out of four French (77%) surveyed said that applications are integral parts of privacy, revealing either “could not live without applications” or “it would be difficult to do without.”

The Intelligence Report Applications (RIA) is an international study that has plans to examine the behavior of the employees in the company and their usage face professional and personal mobile applications worldwide. How their use may create a security risk for the company. RIA was commissioned by A10 Networks and conducted independently with the aim of providing in-depth information for business leaders to help redefine the rules for companies that will protect their societies – simply by making them aware of the behavior their employees.

The A10 study found in France was different from other countries in several ways:

– The French are more likely to take their cell phone for emergencies – more than any other country – if the choice was given to only carry one object, including important documents, albums of family photos, or laptop.
– To choose more than half the French have preferred to leave their declared open house all day rather than leave their phone on a bench unattended.
– If security is an essential element in France in comparison with all probes country (88%), the study also shows that ease of use is more important than security using their mobile.
– Despite having responded overwhelmingly that security is an essential element, the French have also shown a lack of discernment regarding cyber security, thinking that being a pirate or be stolen his identity would be inevitable. 42% say that this is a stage of life, and 43% say “try not to think about it.”
– In France, it is designed as mobile phones are twice as likely to be hacked as surveillance cameras or televisions, although in reality it would be the opposite, as cameras and televisions would not system security and mobile will remain the safest of the three.
– In France the respondents answered they use most of their laptops (38%) than in other countries. However, since laptops are less safe as smartphones, the French may be more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The study also shows that:

– In France, nearly half of respondents (47%) think that there’s more chance that their personal information is stolen, rather than having their car stolen (25%) or vandalized residence (28 %)
– the french think the less security (11%) using an application in relation to other countries.
– The French are most likely to think that business applications are more secure than personal applications or PCs.
– 48% of French employees use a work phone to access personal applications.

In summary the results of the study showed that the behavior of respondents varies across Europe and around the world. The Germans in particular have shown interest to the least mobile phones and applications compared to other countries. Meanwhile, China and Brazil have emerged as the most fasteners, answering almost every time above the overall average every question about the importance of smartphones and apps.



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