Zucchetti – Discovering the Digital Business

Zucchetti - Discovering the digital business

A company that develops software, hardware and services, with a presence “across the board” in the world of Information Technology, a group that favors innovation no less discretion and practicality: as usual are the meetings with management Zucchetti for periodic updates on offering solutions and services, the account of this reality Lodi coincides with the high-tech company that never ceases to amaze for its ability to change and convey the change. Zucchetti  for nearly four decades alongside the complex universe of Italian companies by helping them simplify administrative tasks and providing the important companies competitive advantages. Moreover, Zucchetti has always guaranteed powerful management tools to the galaxy of accountants and business consultants, thus giving a big hand to the development of an entrepreneurial culture in step with the times. This time, the continued evolution of Zucchetti also acquires a visual symbolism, architectural. While the interviews are ongoing for this cover story, in fact, they are waiting for the final touches, before the inauguration, expected by the end of June, the new office building on the outskirts of Lodi, already dubbed Torre Zucchetti, who has already received the “Best Award Sustainable Re-adaption Italian Design 2016 “and has undergone a major restructuring by Marco Visconti, signature architecture” green “, making use of devices, including a futuristic outer coating laminated, which aim to minimize energy consumption, exploiting the insolation and the local microclimate to ensure lighting and air conditioning of air and temperature.

bucking Growth

As usual, Antonio Grioli , professor of Strategy and Policy at the Catholic University, which for ten years now chairs the steering committee of the company, has lined up a series of figures that talk about a Zucchetti growing steadily, in terms of market, customers and spectrum of solutions. “We have become a group of 410 million euro with a strong percentage growth and continuing, in a sector that has underperformed – begins Grioli. From this point of view, one of the most significant change from the past is to increase the presence of Zucchetti outside the country. “Abroad, precise yet Grioli, we exceed 65 million annual revenue in about fifty countries. At one time, across borders, our flagship product was the robot lawnmower Ambrogio , in the world today, Zucchetti is recognized as a global software vendors, ERP in the two domains and the management of human resources. Not only. We have strengthened our position with large industrial robotics projects and retail as well as Ambrogio we added Nemo , for automatic maintenance of swimming pools. ” Customers, the most valuable of Zucchetti heritage together with the competence and motivation of its employees, now exceed 135 thousand share; only in 2016 the park has been enriched with more than 4,000 new customers. The partners to ensure the success of the strictly indirect business model are more than 1,100, two hundred of whom operate overseas. This “ecosystem” – according Grioli – that is four times the group’s turnover and is the most convincing demonstration of participatory culture of a company that sees all the partners, consultants, system integrators, as a kind of “increased Zucchetti “a great opportunity to generate additional value through the proposed technologies, with maximum customer proximity. “Our numbers also – emphasizes Grioli – they are not just demographic but always refer to the active customers, the ones who keep Zucchetti with a constant business relationship.” The Group is also growing in terms of people, with 3,350 employees indefinitely. “Because this is the credo of Zucchetti for young people.”

The first Italian software

The analysis proposed by Grioli shows that Zucchetti company of 2017 in scale and ambition is moving in a much broader context than what we could have imagined in 1977, when the studio of the young accountant Domenico Zucchetti developed on an IBM platform tool tax accounting, which would be the basis for its future product vision. The two vice-presidents, Giorgio Mini , head of Erp line, and Domenico Uggeri , which deals instead of solutions for the sector of Human Resources Management, claim that strategic vision is strongly committed to transformation, not just to the simplification and automation of procedures. Discussing the news regarding the new generation of application platform Infinity, Mini notes that “digitization is the true completion of the hedging strategies of the needs of our companies and professional customers.” While Grioli once again underlines the importance Zucchetti has taken over the years, just in the engineering of software: a maturity that allows it to take a further qualitative leap in the direction of the business process and supply of services. “Out of more than 410 million in sales – says the chairman of the board – 291 represent the revenues from software sales. We are the first Italian software company and among the top in Europe in terms of licenses sold. It is a record that we always reconfirmed for eleven years now. Our software application volumes are far higher than those of all the multinational companies operating in Italy. ” Bearing axes of the recent expansion to foreign customers are on one hand the partnership with the French company Talentia Software , for human capital management solutions for medium to large enterprises, on the other hand the acquisition of the Spanish company Solmicro, specializes in developing solutions ERP and management services in the cloud such as CRM, e-business solutions and digital marketing with retailers in Spain and South America. “Our aim – says the president, Alessandro Zucchetti , who along with her sister Cristina represents the second generation of the founding family – is to strengthen our international presence and continue to bring the excellence of Zucchetti products in the world. A significant contribution in this respect is given by TCPOS, group company dedicated to the catering and hospitality industries with offices in Europe, which in the year 2016 has opened offices in China, Argentina and the United States.

A treasure trove of innovation

The group celebrates with satisfaction the consolidation of a line of services launched early in the virtualization of IT infrastructure process. “In this context – remember Grioli – we have our SaaS solutions, advanced hosting services for the delivery of ambitious outsourcing projects, all based on our own resources, our projects and our assets, including proprietary data center to the state of ‘art”. By now, the division’s services lodigiana “cuba” something like 60 million Euros of revenues, for a business that, just five years ago, for us was marginal. Zucchetti sensed before other domestic players the importance of not limiting initial model based exclusively on licensing and “packaged”, managing to extend that proposition with a range of services but without cannibalizing traditional product lines, “license-based “and hitting a double objective: to seize new business opportunities and closer to large customers, just interested in the flexibility of AS a Service. Over the past two years, they arrived contracts with Amazon, Auchan, Tour BPM, Fininvest, Poltrona Frau. “Extremely important customers, who ten years ago – looks pleased Grioli – they would probably not considered as a technology provider.”

The uniqueness of Zucchetti is measured not only by the increasing evidence in terms of generating jobs skills, cultivate new talent through a training policy institutionalized in the now famous Zucchetti Academy, and attention to social and environmental effects of its action in the market, but especially for its ability to innovate and diversify, creating an integrated and synergistic offer, always consistent with our customer satisfaction goals. The chairman of the Zucchetti summarizes the “biodiversity” of the group, listing some of the new segments engaged by a sensible policy of partnerships and acquisitions. Internet of Things : geolocation, satellite systems, telemedicine, mobile information and smart city, through its subsidiaries Getronic of Varese and Mac & Nil of Gravina in Puglia. Energy savings : planning and development of IT solutions with high added value for the management of all energy and maintenance processes through the new company Zucchetti Facility Rapallo. Robotics : more than 30 thousand robot mower sold per year (more than 80% abroad), as well as sophisticated robots for swimming pools, picking olives and grapes systems, automatic systems for handling and distribution process of goods (Zucchetti Center of Newfoundland Bracciolini Systems in Arezzo). Beverage, hospitality, retail : restaurants and stores management, management for hotels and hotel chains (acquisitions TCPOS, H.Pierre of Perugia, Smart Touch of Saronno, Nice Computer Riccione, GP data Mestre and POS systems Civitanova Marche) . 3D Printing : Zucchetti in 2016 acquired the majority of Fabtotum Tribiano (MI), which has launched the innovative 3D printer “FABtotum CORE”, melted filament (FFF), that can cut, engrave with laser and 3D scanning for a wide range of industries and with different materials.

Infinity, the dream of the paperless office

With Giorgio Mini, we return to focus on the product lines that have always distinguished the presence of Zucchetti in the market of management software solutions, today reached a new stage of evolution. Which? “Ten years ago, we started with the launch of a new generation of ERP solutions for the management staff, which has had and continues to have great success. With Infinity – Continuous Mini – Zucchetti anticipated the path of digitization. Now, this is a step more and to do that we have identified two directions. A first starting from the completion of the offer, not only in its core functionality, but in response to many requests from other companies that have an increasing need for collaboration, electronic document management and real-time access to information, as well as new forms of relationships with external customers and key HR with their employees and partners. ” A second directive – explains Mini – about the user experience in the world of web and mobility widespread changes very quickly, and should extend to all types of devices, and make available very easily the most complex functions. “So on the one hand Infinity increasingly pointing to become a platform that covers all the components of an enterprise, on the other hand pushes towards the maximum simplification of the relationship between the software and its users. Two roads that have a clear goal: support the full digitization of business processes. The paperless office dream. ” A company that originates from the historical and cultural context of the first-generation business systems, must take account of the convergence process to the cloud and web paradigms that now dominate the thought patterns of the customer. “Today, the reference metaphor is the private cloud, so we want to control all aspects of the business, from applications to the technical components, which make it possible to develop truly customized solutions” – notes Mini. “A strategic, in the context of the cloud, is the delivery of services, and hence the choice to manage our own data center, which allows us to centralize control, service levels and customer support. In this, we are truly a unique on the market, but not all. We have reached important dimensions and we can afford an economy of scale, increasing the quality of the service without impacting on costs. ” Speaking of costs, Mini points out that thanks to the functional richness, the customer can see the solutions Zucchetti digitized its regulatory obligations, from invoicing to replacement documentation, to the relations with the tax authorities, managed natively with applications Infinity. “I can create, manage, share information without touching a sheet of paper. The bill, its storage, transmission to the Revenue, and so on. We covered – Mini says – and we will cover other aspects, while maintaining maximum compatibility with third party applications. ”

OK, the route is right

The new Infinity ERP cloud edition comes out this year without sending the classic offer retired designed for distributed architectures, based on a policy of safeguarding the customer’s investment that allows Zucchetti to maintain a dozen catalog management solutions for every need and business size. Mini emphasizes that for all the previous generation applications is not only a formal support. “Our solutions are fully active, in terms of updates to the regulations, the related obligations, or technical assistance. To all, there is also a continuously updated with new features. ” The goal is to ensure all customers, old and new, the right level of satisfaction, without constraining no one forced passages to the latest software solutions. “We have to invest a lot, it’s true, but the property company Zucchetti does not give up goals of continuous evolution and consistency of enterprise applications. In the logic of the completion of the offer, are also central to our strategic acquisitions “- reminds Mini.

“In optical cloud in particular, I think of Longwave , a systems integrator specializing in unified communications, data center and collaboration, which we found nearly three years ago, and has proved valuable to the ecosystem Zucchetti. Also from May Longwave merged with Lantech companies to create a center of excellence in the areas of networking, security, collaboration and unified communications. ” Antonio Grioli spoke on the subject of growth for acquisition with a historical excursus. “Recently, through personal study of specialized texts, I learned that Cristoforo Colombo was not, as is believed, a simple merchant, but rather a passionate cartographer, who had even married the daughter of the most famous cartographer of the time. When he set sail on his journey of discovery, Columbus would have had with her reliable maps and precise enough to complete a well-designed project. And the Zucchetti Group, for its acquisitions, has a very clear a navigation strategy ‘. Among the most recent actions, there is one that concerns a software company in Milan, DoubleYou  that fits perfectly in the philosophy of the Zucchetti Group on social responsibility and respect for persons and their talent. “DoubleYou – says Cristina Zucchetti , president Zucchetti Group and head of human resources Zucchetti spa – has developed a platform for the management of so-called flexible benefits for employees, which allows us to offer to employees of any company forms of indirect compensation, under new corporate welfare services. The management of corporate welfare – continues Cristina Zucchetti – is an issue of great relevance, because the legislation has extended the offer of goods and services tax exempt, in various fields: from reimbursement for educational expenses, medical expenses, but also the costs that the employee has to face for interest on loans and mortgages, for sports, for purchases through vouchers and so on. ” As you can imagine, insurance companies and banks are very interested in this phenomenon and to intervene must go through the intermediation of corporate HR office. “Today – said Cristina Zucchetti – the DoubleYou software, owned Zucchetti, is to service employees of our Group and is also added to a new solution, ZWelfare be used by all customers for the management of corporate welfare.”

For Domenico Uggeri , which supports Mini in the role of Vice President of the Group, while keeping the responsibility on the products of HR line – innovative solutions like ZWelfare – that fit well in advance on competition in a market segment yet to be discovered, are a the reasons for the success of HR Infinity Global Solution platform as a whole. “In the market of solutions” payroll “there was a strong consolidation in recent years while Zucchetti has regularly grown in double digits. For these applications we have over 25 thousand customers. ” What matters, in addition to the volumes of this success, it is the innovative charging HR afferent to Infinity solutions, that in the new generation of the platform are – as it happens for the management functions – strongly oriented to digital transformation and the smart working. The enhancements in what is now the third generation of Infinity – continues Uggeri – involve a further enrichment of content, compliance with Italian and European law, but also a simplification of the use of human capital management tools that can adapt automatically to all types of fixed and mobile device, without more physical and temporal limits. “Simplification – says the head of HR Zucchetti solutions – which makes every moment of the fluid, intuitive management also on smartphones and tablets, is now dominant in the use of staff in the office of the newspaper staff or the study of the employment counselor for both employees entitled to benefit personally HR self service capabilities in areas related to programming of leave, the management of expenses, information on social security and pension issues. “All these novelties – notes Uggeri – are aimed at supporting companies in their transformation to Business 4.0, especially in the processes that affect staff, authentic engine and recipient of this change.”

Human resources 4.0

Uggeri deliver an attachment to another key element of the action of the Zucchetti group of supporting businesses solutions to the market: the ability to create an environment of innovation that amplifies the effect of the software through specialized hardware devices and industrial automation. “Just Optical 4.0, orient the modules and functionality designed with the help of IoT technology, in particular with identification tools and localization of active or passive. Internet of Things means for Zucchetti software and devices that recognize the worker and the role it should play and not vice versa. In short, a reversal compared to traditional paradigms of control instruments. ” Human resources administered by Infinity then move in an increasingly smart and free workspace by physical constraints and boundaries, able to follow more and more automatic the various activities of the mobile worker. And not only the worker, considering the Infinity platform extensions in the field of shipbuilding or the management of fleets of vehicles, other news related to the acquisition, in this case the Apulian Mac & night, that designs advanced sensors and GPS equipment. Referring to the evolution of the Infinity line to cover both the needs of international compliance and the geographical growth of the Group, Uggeri concludes with a mention of the record number of major football stadiums, now 107 in the world, which use Zucchetti technologies to ensure safety and reporting procedures for access and outflow from the stands.

On the one hand the simplified processes and dematerialized Infinity Erp and the other the size of the job, digitized and enhanced by HR Infinity Global Solution. The transversal and flexibility are perhaps the most explosive ingredients of the transformation offered by management Zucchetti, plus the ability for companies to rely on a single partner for the supply of technologies, applications, services and other banking channels with the tax agency and authority and social security. The latter is a point on which back the head of the ERP division to reaffirm the fundamental role played by the subsidiary Lodi group. “In Italy – reminds Mini – the goal of tax simplification is achieved by delegating certain functions to businesses, through the obligation of billing and electronic dialogue. Complexity that we help to solve, even with our technologies supporting the work of consultants and intermediaries, from the Tax Assistance Centers. ” According to Mini, 60 percent of tax returns handled by Caf is based on Zucchetti technologies and these same technologies ensure continuity to always “undermined” by tax news providers. “The action of the CAF, their contribution to the digitization of procedures, control and correct information, never fail, thanks to cloud Zucchetti” – concludes Mini. And together with his colleague Uggeri, it reiterates the importance of the third party, who make contributions regarding the offer leverage of the HR Service Zucchetti service, enhancing the work of career counselors and traditional partners, even in a loud environment “disintermediation “as the web.

A center for digital business

This veritable hub of digitization procedures – bet Angelo Cian , responsible Services Certificates Zucchetti – becomes even more crucial when the transformation invests, as well as the relationship between private and PA, aspects such as billing and all the buying and selling of goods and services between private individuals. Cian explains that Zucchetti – which already boasted the “seal” of Conservative Accredited Certification Authority and the Agency for Italy Digital (AGID), short for qualified trust services valid throughout the European Union, according the legislation eiDAS – wanted to give a coordinated structure to all these services, thus creating the new Zucchetti Digital Hub. “The service consists of a web platform that can handle – downstream of generation of electronic invoicing that takes place in our management – processes such as digital signature validation, time stamp, sending to the exchange system, automatic management of the receipt. Finally, if everything is correct, the files will be sent to the digital preservation solution Infinity “- explains Cian. The process is entirely transparent to the user of the Digital Hub Zucchetti and operating costs are particularly advantageous. In fact, the offer is modular and is addressed, in formula installable on-premises, even in those not using management Zucchetti, but want to incorporate electronic invoices generated by other ERP systems. But Digital Hub is not only born to e-invoicing, in fact Cian said: “We are gradually expanding the range of this multi-format platform with other services and standards. For example, the quarterly communications VAT or the new European PEPPOL format, which stands for “Pan European Public Procurement Online” and regulates the management of orders and delivery notes. ” In the first phase of its history, Zucchetti has taught tens of thousands of Italian companies to use the computer to automate accounting and not make mistakes. Today, the stakes of the game is the digital transformation growth, business diversification, competitiveness in global markets. But there is always Zucchetti.



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