OnePlus 5 Livestream: launch presentation today on YouTube

Alleged OnePlus 5 image Android PoliceOnePlus 5 Live Stream – The new flagship killer of OnePlus, OnePlus 5, almost all the important features have already been leaked. Price, hardware and other technical data are given tonight from start-up companies on a special event known. At home, everyone can follow the event via a live stream.

5 OnePlus: see presentation via live stream

As with the previous three OnePlus the presentation of OnePlus 5 is transferred except at an event in the home country of the manufacturer, via live stream. is streamed via YouTube on smartphones, tablets and smart TV `. The live stream will be shown in time.

The live stream starts at 18 o’clock German time. Just a day later, the sales in several major cities starts worldwide, including in LNFA store in the shopping center “bikini” in Berlin. Because only limited units are available, interested parties should appear very early. An Invite to purchase unnecessary.

Previously known Details

While there are only partly been confirmed details on the part of OnePlus OnePlus to 5, but certainly is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for the drive and a dual-head camera. A UFS 2.0 memory appears in OnePlus 5 to be integrated, as well as a version with equal to 8 gigabytes of memory. Interesting is the official price, as has often been a much higher price than comparably for the OnePlus 3T suspected.

After putting in the past, customers had complained about poor service as unexpected costs, long waits and unreasonable technical tests, OnePlus now launching a service offensive. A ivite including limited quantity falls completely gone, the storage is to be improved, and also plenty of smart phones will be available for release. Buyers from Germany are operated via a distribution center in Europe, which the sales tax is eliminated by an import. Faulty devices are treated in a Europe-repair center in the future. We will present in a separate article, the new OnePlus fifth Cover: Androidpolice.



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