Cubot S1 – a new generation smartband with six axis accelerometer on the horizon

Cubot began to develop smart wrist devices last year, the third one will come out soon. It’s named Cubot S1. This is a well-designed, powerful smart wrist device. Based on a built-in six-axis accelerometer, it is much more powerful than those devices with three axis accelerometer in the market.

Amazing advanced features:

1. 24-hour dynamic heart rate monitoring

Continuously monitor the heart rate, view the heart rate graphic through APP , then know more accurate data of your personal sporting . Of course, you can turn off the dynamic heart rate function to save power. You can also set a heart rate range, when your current heart rate beyond this range, the band will begin to warn.

2. Automatically identify multiple modes

The band will automatically identify a variety of sports modes like walking, running, riding etc, based on the six-axis accelerometer. At the same time, you’ll get data like accurate running mileage, dynamic heart rate, and consumption of calories by Cubot Band APP.

3. The temperature and pressure monitoring

Cubot S1 is equipped with temperature sensor and pressure sensor, according to the change of temperature and pressure to predict the weather, so as to remind you.

4. Remote control camera and player management

Do you still need one person to take photo for a group photographing ? No . you just need to touch the camera icon of the panel ,then you ‘ll achieve remote camera. Even when you’re running, you bind the band with the APP then achieve player management . when it has switched to the music interface, click play/pause to switch. Click last / next button, you can switch it.

5. Sedentary reminder and drink reminders

You’d better set “sedentary reminder” and “drink reminders” to cope with busy work in office, when the time is up , the band will vibrate and remind you of taking rest or getting some water for health.

6. Call and SMS alert

When you keep your phone in bags and ignore its ringing, cubot s1 will vibrate and remind you of the incoming calls and text messages. You don’t have to worry and miss any call or message.

7. Open and connect GPS

When you connect your phone with the band and open the GPS in your phone, the band will begin to record your sporting data. You could check your running chart.

Excellent usage experience

Expect to the excellent functions, Cubot S1 APP has a good performance in Interface experience . it’s designed simple but clear. it’s easy to get access to Bluetooth. S1 also does a good job in water proof in daily life, you don’t need to take off the band when you take shower and wash hands.

For the battery, Cubot S1 has built-in 85mAh high-density Li-polymer battery. You don’t have to take off it to charge, you just use an POGO PIN cable to charge for 30mins. the standby time will be 30days in Cubot official laboratory condition.

Craft work and texture

CUBOT S1 offers aluminum alloy for the body, and there is a 0.96inch OLED display, the line is tough and full of sense of science and technology. Moreover ,Cubot collaborates with German Bayer and use its material for the wrist band, it’s waterproof wear-resistant, the local porous design is for skin breathing.

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  1. I have a Cubit Rainbow mobile. Is it compatible with fitbit. I want a device to track steps etc, as I’m new to this technology stuff

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