Primacom phone support affected by fire impact

Primacom LogoPrimacom phone support affected – The Tele Columbus to associated cable operator PrimaCom points out that the telephone customer support is currently only partially available.

Primacom phone support affected

The arson attacks, it has been throughout Germany on the routes of Deutsche Bahn, not only affect train traffic, but also phone support the cable network operator PrimaCom. Like the to Tele Columbus owned company has announced that it comes with the accessibility limitations.

On Monday morning, there had been at least twelve points in the Leipzig-Dresden-Chemnitz, the Ruhr area and in Bremen and Hamburg to arson attacks on the rail network of Deutsche Bahn. A fire in Leipzig also transmission lines of a service provider of PrimaCom were damaged. The cable operator is based in Leipzig.

Primacom support working on remedying

“There is no no information yet as to when the line damage has been repaired at our service again. Therefore, at present we are trying to redirect the telephone service requests to the service units of the associated company Tele Columbus – but it will certainly be before the telephone service is available in full again, “said spokesman Hannes Lindhuber. “The inconvenience to our customers, we regret, of course, very much and apologize for these exceptional circumstances.”



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