Own goal for consumers: extra costs for Bundesliga season 2017/2018

Extra costs for Bundesliga season 2017/2018 – The Bundeskartellamt demanded more competition for the Bundesliga on the TV, but by awarding the Bundesliga TV rights, the fans from the season 2017/2018 will get higher costs if they want to watch all Bundesliga matches live on TV.

Criticism in the division of the Bundesliga TV rights

Already in the run-up to the award of the Bundesliga TV rights for the Bundesliga season 2017/2018 to 2020/2021 critics had warned of additional costs for consumers. It was feared that fans will have to conclude two subscriptions in the future in order to be able to watch all games live after the distribution of the Bundesliga TV rights.

Andreas Mundt, President of the Federal Cartel Office, then contradicted the football fans’ fear of having to conclude two subscriptions, with the following statement: “As the experience from other countries shows, such a model usually does not mean that consumers end up with more than one subscription To see all the games. Thus, the rights holders can also grant each other sub-licenses. However, there are also some offers that only include a part of the live games. ”

No agreement between Sky and Eurosport

However, two months before the start of the Bundesliga season 2017/2018, the reality is different. Sky and Eurosport failed to reach agreement on sub-licensing. Sky has already adapted its football package for the next season to 572 live matches in the 1st and 2nd football league. According to Bild.de, Eurosport is still looking for a partner for the distribution of the remaining 40 live games.

But what advantages does the new regulation have for football fans and the competition? The Federal Cartel Office’s press secretary, Kay Weidner, received the following opinion:

“There is a no-single buyer rule in most countries for several seasons. We insisted on introducing them in Germany. To promote technical innovations and to fierce competition between suppliers. To the current situation, I can only point out that one from media reports is that Discovery has not yet agreed with another provider. “

All Bundesliga games only for an extra charge

There is, however, still some hope that football fans can receive all Bundesliga games on the TV, but then only for an extra charge. For technical reasons the sender “Eurosport 2” can not be received individually and needs a cooperation partner. In addition to Sky also the Telekom, Vodafone and the cable network operator Unitymedia are considered as partners.

Even if Eurosport was to cooperate with Sky, Sky customers would have to book a fee-based additional package via option to receive the other 40 live games via satellite or cable. It is not known how much the additional costs would be. Alternatively, the Bundesliga games can also be received via the Internet via the Eurosport Player. The costs are currently still at 4.99 euros per month. With the inclusion of the Bundesliga, however, prices are likely to rise significantly. At Sky, the football league is currently available from 19.99 euros. A Sky complete offer including HD is currently available for 29.99 euros.

TV rights: Own goal for Bundesliga fans

For many Bundesliga fans in fan forums, the award of TV rights is already an own property of the Federal Cartel Office. Instead of competition, the competition authority would only promote the revenues of the DFL, according to the broad tenor. The criticism of the football fans is quite understandable, because only the broadcasting of all 612 live games by two pay-TV providers would promote the competition here at all. Currently, Sky and Eurosport enjoy a quasi-monopoly position for 572 and 40 live matches of the Bundesliga.

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