From OnePlus One to OnePlus 5, how OnePlus is imposed in the world of smartphones

OnePlus is now a player in the smartphone market. In just three years, OnePlus has established itself in the fierce world of telephony, with a vision that is both simple and bold: to bring the best technology to its users and to constantly improve their experience. In three years, OnePlus has already released 5 smartphones. All have one thing in common: despite a very affordable price, thanks to a marketing and distribution strategy, they are top-of-the-range, neat and uncompromising devices, whether it’s about the design or the quality of its components.

From now on, OnePlus is a recognized brand with technology enthusiasts, but also with the laypersons, more and more sensitive to the charms of this young manufacturer.


Just a few days after the announcement of the OnePlus 5, let’s go back to the five major dates that marked the life of the OnePlus brand.

16 December 2013: OnePlus unveils itself in the world

OnePlus was created by Pete Lau and Carl Pei at the end of 2013 and presented to the world on December 16, 2013.

The goal of the two partners is very simple: create better smartphones. Besides, it is not just about founding a brand of high-end Android smartphones, the goal is to find a way to create and produce remarkable devices, which will pull the entire smartphone market up . Lau and Pei want to shake up the way the consumer buys the product and think about new ways to distribute it, more intuitive to the customer of the 21st century than a simple purchase in store. The brand and ambitions of OnePlus are born …

April 23, 2014: OnePlus throws into the big bath with the OnePlus One

Four months after its creation, OnePlus announces its first smartphone: the OnePlus One.

The OnePlus One



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