Did you know ? Netflix limits the number of downloads of some of its contents to its application

Since last year Netflix allows to download certain series or films on its smartphone or its PC, through its various applications. What Netflix does not specify is that some of these contents can be downloaded only a limited number of times.

It is the American site Android Police who first reported this curious limitation. Users complained that a pop-up error occurred when they wanted to download a new movie on their app. And this without having any explanation or without having previously been warned that this content was limited in number of downloads.

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Some content can be downloaded only four or five times maximum

What is disturbing with this limitation is that the downloaded contents all have an expiration date that can vary from 48 hours to about a month. When content expires, the only way to “renew” it is to connect to the Internet and refresh it. This renewal is then counted as an additional download. When the limitation is exceeded, a pop-up appears (with error 10016-22006) and indicates that the next download of the same content can only be done within one year.

This limitation is not a will of Netflix, but surely that of the right owners of the contents in question. The vast majority of Netflix content does not belong to it. But it is a pity that one never knows what content is limited in number of download and how much download the user has right on a specific content. According to the feedback from Android Police readers, content limited in number of download can be downloaded only four or five times at the most.

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When writing, we often use the Netflix application to download series and we have not yet encountered this error message. It is possible that it happens more often in the United States, where the service catalog of SVOD is more extensive.




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