LG G6+: Smartphone version with quad-DAC and 128 GB of memory

LG G6 +: Smartphone version with quad-DAC and 128 GB of memory
LG G6+

LG has announced the G6+ as a booted variant of the G6 over its international press office. The smartphone offers twice as much memory with 128 GB, comes with quad-DAC and B & O-Play headphones and offers cordless charging depending on the market. It is not known yet whether the device comes to Germany.

The LG G6 (test) offers LG worldwide in different hardware variants. To Germany it has so far only the weakest version with only 32 GB memory as well as without quad-DAC or wireless recharge. The G6+ now offers at least always the Quad-DAC and a memory enlarged to 128 GB. The cordless charging is also available for the G6 + only for selected regions, which LG as well as the price and information on the availability of the G6 + does not call.

In addition, LG has announced a software update for the normal G6, which “Face Print” among other things a new face detection as a blocking method brings along. In addition, the update introduces a warning when the cameral lenses are covered, as well as a low-power mode for the Snapdragon’s hexagon DSP.



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