Galaxy Note 8: Display fingerprint sensor prepares Samsung problems

Galaxy Note 8: Display fingerprint sensor prepares Samsung problems
Galaxy Note 8: Display fingerprint sensor prepares Samsung problems

The Galaxy Note 8 is to carry its fingerprint sensor again on the back of the smartphone, insiders report on Monday against the Korea Herald . It is said that Samsung has problems with integrating the sensor invisibly into the display, to secure it correctly and therefore to bring it into production.

According to rumors, Samsung had planned for the Galaxy S8 (Review) to move the fingerprint sensor from the previously dedicated home button into the display after the screen was enlarged and there was no more space for physical buttons on the front of the smartphone. Samsung finally had to reject this plan, which is why the fingerprint sensor of the final version of the Galaxy S8 can be found in an extremely impractical place on the back side of the camera – a clear step backwards from the sensor in the home button and a clear point of criticism in numerous tests Only on ComputerBase.

Not enough development time

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has confirmed that Galaxy will come to the market this year, even in the context of the scandal. Up to now it was assumed that Samsung until the appearance of the stylus smartphone the integrated fingerprint sensor integrated into the display can develop to the serial maturity – according to Korea Herald is however no longer the case.

Low production yield

Several industry insiders mention technical difficulties during the development process against the Korean newspaper. Because the sensor has to be installed under the display, Samsung has problems with the user’s fingerprint. The production yield of the sensor is also low, and according to a source still security problems.

According to a not-named official from Samsung Electronics, the company had done its best, but failed to develop a reliable fingerprint sensor on the display. Due to technical and security-relevant difficulties, Samsung decided against the use in the Galaxy Note 8.

Apple and Huawei develop sensor in the display

Based on the latest release of supposed components of the iPhone 8, Apple, together with the 2012 AuthenTec biometrics expert, developed a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display for the upcoming iPhone. According to Korea Herald Huawei pursue the same plan for the P11.



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