Simply and BILDconnect from now also with roaming package

simply and image Connect roaming package – After smart mobile WinSIM and PremiumSIM Drillisch also equips the rates of the two brands simply and image Connect with a roaming package. In addition to various data volumes presents this in most tariffs voice and SMS-Flat within the EU ready.

simply and image Connect Roaming Package

After the abolition of roaming charges two more Drillisch brands are given a default roaming package. After smart mobile WinSIM and PremiumSIM have now also simply and image Connect a separate European package for use in other EU countries. The European package is valid in the 27 other countries of the EU and in Switzerland.

With simply the Europe package includes in all prices at a flat voice and SMS and a mobile data flat. This provides the LTE 500 a volume of 300 MB prepared in LTE 1500 is 500 MB. In the three tariffs LTE 3000, 5000 LTE and LTE 10000 each 1 GB is included.

Europe package at Drillisch

In LTE Mini image Connect are monthly 150 minutes and 150 SMS and 300 MB for the use in the EU abroad. In the Flat LTE 2000 and 3000 are each a flat LTE voice and SMS-Flat and a mobile data flat with 500 MB or 1 GB included. The two data tariffs Data 1000 LTE and LTE Data 3000 have 300MB and 1GB abroad volume.

Under and tariffs including Europe package are available now. Interested parties who prefer to use the EU-regulated international rate can disable the European package in the service world.



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