AirQuadOne: a new draft of a personal flying vehicle

European Consortium Neva Aerospace, based in the UK, has developed a new concept of a personal aircraft called AirQuadOne.

The solution involves the construction of a vertical takeoff and landing. Main planned outer parts made of carbon fiber, which will provide high strength and low weight.

For AirQuadOne provided the use of electric propulsion. It will help develop speed in the air up to 80 km / h.

Takeoff unit mass of approximately 500 kg, 100 kg of which will fall on the battery pack. Last will provide from 20 to 30 minutes of flight. It refers to the possibility of energy reserve replenishment wired or wireless manner induction station.

It is curious that recharge your vehicle owners on the idea AirQuadOne creators will be able to automotive elektrozapravkah. Moreover, it is planned to provide quick change system shrunken the battery pack fully charged.

The device is able to carry up to 100 kg payload. AirQuadOne are planned for manned and unmanned versions. In addition, the possibility of design modification with a hybrid power plant, which will increase the flight time up to one hour.

On the timing of the possible emergence of new products on the commercial market is not reported.



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