Michelin showed future bus Visionary Concept

Michelin has presented its own vision of what can be tires for cars of the future. The indicated solution was named Visionary Concept.

In fact, a new concept combines the actual tire and the rim. In the manufacture of such tires it is proposed to use special materials, biodegradable. Thus, when recycling is applied less harm to the environment.

Visionary Concept involves the use of an airless design. The necessary level of comfort provides special internal structure resembling a sponge and simultaneously woven tree branches.

Tire planned to give a number of sensors that can transmit to the onboard computer of the car on the current state of the data – for example, the surface temperature, the amount of adhesion to the road surface and so on.

Finally, said the use of 3D-printing technology, with which you can adapt the tire to the specific operating conditions.

However, at this stage, Visionary Concept – this is nothing more than a demonstration development. But, most likely, some of the proposed conceptual solutions in the long term will be used in commercial products.



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