Wheelys launch in Shanghai automated shop on wheels

Swedish startup Wheelys wants to compete with Amazon and set up shop without cash registers and automated payment. The first test store this year, appeared in Shanghai, but now the company began experimenting with a completely new idea. She is working on a stand-alone point of sale, called Moby Mart, which can move through the streets of the city.

Moby Mart – is a mobile shop on wheels. In size it is like a small bus. In the end, he will be able to navigate through the city streets with the help of artificial intelligence and computer vision. But while Moby Mart run by people. Unusual shop carries all the most simple: fresh food, shoes and magazines. The rest can be ordered.

Wheelys recently announced the concept of stand-alone stores such as Amazon’s the Go. As there are no queues, banks and cash. You simply scan that you want to buy, and Moby Mart application automatically performs payment.

Wheelys developing the concept in conjunction with the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei and the company Himalayafy. According to the Swedish words, the store will be able to call himself a warehouse for replenishment. They also hinted that the customers will be able to cause a mobile point of sale. Is considered and the option of delivery of goods with the help of drones. Details of how Wheelys going to implement these ambitious idea yet.

Moby Mart would fit perfectly in underdeveloped urban areas with limited access to high-quality food and other basic necessities. Wheelys going to test the prototype in Shanghai, and next year will open more such stores.



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