Two Worlds 2: microtransactions instead of console in the new DLC

Two Worlds 2: Mikrotransaktionen statt Konsole im neuen DLC

Call of the Tenebrae, a surprisingly announced and several-postponed expansion for the Rolling Game Two Worlds 2, is finally available. What Topware offers is, however, rebuffed: The publisher has been upgraded to include quests, prettier graphics and other content as well as microtransactions.

As Jim Sterling reports, there is a new marketplace in the main menu where items are to be sold. In the version of Sterling only generic names are used for the offers, they are declared as “Consumable Item” and are numbered. As Screenshots (via Imgur) reveal without this mistake, crafting materials, ingame money, skill books, magic cards, and weapon enchantments that add elemental damage are sold at prices between $ 0.50 and $ 2.

No enthusiasm with users

The retrofitting of additional purchases is, as the current “predominantly negative” reviews on Steam betray, many (loudly protesting) players sour up. The question of the reason for this modernization of dubious value was answered by a developer as follows: It was a feature of the Xbox version, which many players would like. “So why not?” Wrote a topware employee, without a real reason to deliver. Again, the existing demand for such a feature has been highlighted. Among other things on Reddit is doubted: Who buy already in a six-year-old, if synonymous years ago with two million selling copies quite successful titles more items, it is said there.

The console is reactivated

A user is also complaining about a false alarm of the old copy protection, which is too many hardware changes. This has been removed according to Topware but since the release of the DLC, the activation keys of old retail versions can be exchanged with Topware support against purchase document or naming the key against the Steam version.

The lack of the developer console, which allows the manipulation of the game and, among other things, the input of cheats, is currently being criticized. This is where Topware will react and re-enable the feature with an update. The console was deactivated because of the implementation of trading cards and achievements, it was considered as a possible gateway for cheats and manipulations of the steam wallet, it says in the explanation; Steam recommends such an approach in the integration of microtransactions.

The publisher, as recommended, removed a potentially problematic aspect of the game, which was not perceived as a feature. The argument is problematic in the context, because the same developer as a disadvantage of a console states that it can undermine microtransactions in single player mode. In particular, when the advantage of a microtransaction is highlighted by the fact that the developer earns “some money” and the comment is made that no one can have anything, this argumentation becomes questionable – even if it is claimed that the purchase is merely an abbreviation and The game was not designed with regard to additional purchases.

The argument is not convincing

The basic problem, the player see, however, is not addressed: Firstly, another game, which can almost be regarded as a classic, tries to generate additional money as much as possible by adding additional purchases later. Especially classics are now played because they are free of additional monetarization. Secondly, the argumentation itself is problematic because the console ultimately prevents the free generation of those items that are now being sold. Regardless of the actual reasons, Topware at least optimally eliminated the alternative to the market place. The fact that this is a random effect is an unlikely scenario, as measured by the prevalence of the more and more complex and complicated microtransactions integrated into games and game design.



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