The next Google Pixel smartphone would be designed by LG

The next pixel begins to talk about him. According to several sites, it would be that LG is reportedly design the smartphone, which would still be available in two models. LG and HTC succeed.

LG on a big fish

9to5Google asserts that LG is trying to work on both models Pixel. The site explains that in March a discussion between LG and Google outlined a model of taimen name.

The taimen, also called Siberian salmon is a fish of the family Salmoninae found in the rivers of Russia, Mongolia and northern China. According to legend, the giant taimens populate the Kanas Lake, Xinjiang, some locals claim to have seen fish over four tons.

So 9to5Google draws the conclusion that this famous taimen is simply a new model of pixels. Information confirmed by David Ruddock Android Police website.


Android Police had also said there are some days that LG originally worked on three smartphones, but that named muskie code was abandoned.

This was to be the muskie medium sized smartphone, placing himself between the other two (The Taimen and Walleye). Android Police said it was, before it was abandoned, the successor to the Pixel XL.

The muskie, muskellunge or his real name, is a pike species found in the lakes and rivers in North America, St. Lawrence Mississippi. It is reputed to be difficult to fish because it affects only very few bait.

We know nothing else on smartphones. But as 9to5Google notes, Google invested in flexible OLED displays from LG for a next phone. Could this be the new Pixel? Google could at least hit hard if it comes out the first flexible screen smartphone.



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