WhatsApp: Government wants to allow access to chat messages

Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp wants news access – So far it is only possible that the German security authorities can access SMS from WhatsApp. That could soon be different. The Minister of the Interior Maiziére plans further monitoring possibilities such as the access to WhatsApp chat messages.

WhatsApp: Soon access to chat messages?

On SMS of the Messenger WhatsApp the German security authorities can already access under certain conditions. The Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziére of the CDU, however, apparently is not enough.

In the fight against global terrorism, Maiziére wants to further expand the powers of the state. In a statement in the Berlin Tagesspiegel, the Minister of the Interior, which is supposed to be accessible by the security authorities also for encrypted WhatsApp messages, reports the website t-online.de.

Communication of unscrupulous citizens should be safe

Under certain conditions, security authorities need access to encryption despite end-to-end encryption, similar to SMS. For example, online search and source telecommunication monitoring (TKÜ) could be used. By means of TKÜ it is possible for the authorities to read messages from suspicious persons through special software, even before they are encrypted.

“We want messenger services to have an end-to-end encryption so that the communication of unscrupulous citizens is undisturbed and secure,” Maiziére continued. “Security agencies, like SMS, need access to the Internet, even under certain circumstances.” The Minister of the Interior wants to create further monitoring possibilities for the fight against terror. A facial recognition software is not only to be used at railway stations, but also at other video surveillance places to take risks and offenders.

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