Sky will be the latest Season 2017/18 only 572 Bundesliga live Matches

Sky zeigt ab Saison 2017/18 nur 572 Bundesliga Live-SpieleNo agreement with Eurosport – After Sky has secured the sole rights of the UEFA Champions League, Sky has to make a definite break in the transfer of the football league from the 2017/2018 season. Instead of 612 games, Sky only plays 572 games live, as there is no agreement with Eurosport.

Sky: No agreement with Eurosport

In the assignment of rights to the Bundesliga had Euro Sport secured licenses from 2017/2018 season. Until recently, Sky and its customers had hoped to reach an agreement with the company belonging to the Discovery Group, in order to be able to transfer all the live games of the football league via sub-license.

From the Bundesliga season 2017/2018 the Sky Bundesliga subscription only includes 572 live matches of the 612 encounters of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. Eurosport shows the 40 remaining games (30 Friday games as well as five Sunday and Monday games).

Sky matches Bundesliga advertising

The application of the football league has already been adapted on the Sky website. Instead of playing live with 612 live games, the pay-TV-provider is only 572. While fans of the 1. Bundesliga can only watch 266 matches live, supporters of the 2. Bundesliga still see all 306 games.

However, it is unclear whether Sky customers are entitled to a special termination right with an older Sky contract or are entitled to a price reduction. In many contracts, the Bundesliga was still advertised with 612 live matches, which can not be met by Sky from the 2017/2018 season. Consumers will not see any special right of termination due to the new TV rights, since Sky is entitled to unlimited changes in the program and will only be able to show off the Monday game of the second Bundesliga.



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