Android app “Color Block” contains dangerous “Dynmap” Trojans

Android security leakAndroid “Colourblock” with Trojans – A new dangerous malware has come in Google Play. According to security researchers, he can bring smartphones with hitherto unknown methods into his gallery. Among other things, the Android application “Colorblock” should have served as a camouflage for the “Dymap” trojan.

Android Colorblock mt trojan

Meanwhile the Colourblock app has been downloaded from Google Play Store over 50,000 times. As security researchers from Kaspersky have discovered, hiding in the application colorblock is a pest of “Dymap” was baptized.

Already in April the experts of Kaspersky had discovered the Trojan. The malware has made it into the Google Play Store and the App Colourblock. In the meantime the Trojan was removed from Google again.

Dymap is still in test phase

According to the report from Kaspersky, Dymap is still to be tested by the developers, a dissemination on a large scale does not seem to have started yet. Typically, specific security mechanisms prevent such malware from entering the Google Play Store. The Dymap developers have nevertheless managed and Google by a clean version of the Colorblock app practically tricked out, thus no security mechanisms from Google have jumped.

Android Color Block Trojan image Kaspersky

Only later was the app enriched with malware components. It is unclear according to Kaspersky, why Google did not trigger an alarm. The Trojan acquires access and can get root rights, without the respective user of the app of it something. If a root is executed via malware, the cybercriminals can gain control of the infected smartphone. The Trojan is regarded as the worst of its kind, because it can use “code injection” also malicious program lines into the androidsystem. Dymap is also tailored to 64-bit systems, which can contaminate system libraries with malicious code. Because Dymap is still in the test phase, so far no major damage has occurred.

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