Google makes Levi’s jackets without cables smart

About two years ago, Google’s department ATAP (Advanced Technology And Projects) has introduced something that has moved me to throw all my clothes immediately into the old clothes container. The reason: Project Jacquard. A fabric that is sewn as a thread in clothing and is both sensitive to touch and conductive. Google announced at the time the collaboration with industry sizes such as Levi’s and now the first jacket will appear, which is without any traditional cables smart and wearable.

Already announced last year, the price for Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket has become known, which will be around 350 US dollars. For that there is a very cool-decent jacket in my opinion, which still has an ace in the sleeve. Or a control for the smartphone. This is sewn in the form of a rechargeable tag and should be taken out naturally during washing. The control unit then receives its signals via strobes.

With wiping or touch gestures over the sleeve, you can send commands to the smartphone, which, according to the current state of development still limited to the core functions of a smartphone. This means that you can use your smartphone while it is lying on the table in front of you by wiping or tapping over the jacket. Functions such as SMS viewing or the calendar seem there perhaps still play.

It is more interesting, however, when you are on the road as on the road. Then you can jump to the next route point on Google Maps by swiping over the sleeve. Or you jump forward a song in your Playlist after you strangled a call starting with the words “Congratulations, you’ve got a washing machine …”

In the future, Google would like to make the platform accessible to third parties, so we can count on a number of other interesting apps and services. I imagine, for example, the connection of Smart Devices, so that I can, for example, switch my bike light on or off or open the garage door.

Or stitched in a jeans, with which I then dimm the light in the living room and Google Cast can operate. The expression “Netflix and Chill” should get back to its innocence when my girlfriend plays around my pants to change the station.

The Lev’s Commuter Trucker Jacket is expected to be available in the coming weeks and can be purchased online or at Levi’s Stores.



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